The articles published here have been written by Pagan Federation members, past and present. We have kept some from the old website ‘Myddle Earth’ as they present a diverse range of practices, ideas and observations about the District and matters of interest to the Pagan community. They also form a link with the history of the Pagan Federation in this District.

This is your website so please send in some contributions. Articles for publication here may be based on your own experiences of Paganism or views about anything Pagan-related. This can be fiction, poetry, book and music reviews, images, experiences of Pagan events, visits to sacred sites and so on. Newcomers are as welcome as old-hands. Your experiences and views are what matters.


Submission guidelines:

  1. An upper limit of 1000 words preferably, but if you go a little over that we won’t penalise you. Remember brevity is usually best in all forms of communication.
  2. Paganism is the main topic here, but we are a diverse bunch and don’t dictate what it means to you. Items pertaining to this District are desirable, but this isn’t the limit of our scope. Go on, surprise us!
  3. Courteous language and tone please, although this isn’t a ban on controversial topics: just say it with a smile.
  4. We reserve the right to refuse submissions or edit for grammar and clarity
  5. Authors are responsible for accuracy of references
  6. Articles can be in any text format, but no PDFs please as this makes extracting the text harder
  7. Images can be in various formats (jpg, png, tiff, etc.) but ideally less than two megabytes to help with page loading times
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