A New Website!

Today we are launching an new Myddle Earth website – Midwest and Wales District of the Pagan Federation.

Most of the content is available to all on the Internet but there is also a new Members area with content available free to regional members who signup.

The publicly available pages contain:

  • A Blog with news and opinion pieces
  • Articles spreading the word on Paganism
  • Details of Events coming up in our area
  • Links to sites of interest
  • A Contact Us page for anyone wanting to get in touch

Under the Members menu item, you will find:

  • Details of our regional representatives
  • Past copies of Myddle Earth the Drops of Awen magazines, which you can read online or download
  • A Medial Gallery, which we hope to fill with pictures & lively video and audio content in time

So, do send us your photos, artwork, poems, articles, podcasts, videos or whatever you are inspired to create and we will post them for you and other Myddle Earth folk to enjoy.

We hope you like and enjoy the new website. Let us know!